Managing Zoom Session Participants

Zoom sessions (Meetings and Webinars) are available to people with the session URL. These URLs follow a common pattern of[digits], where the trailing 9, 10, or 11 digits identify the location of the session.

On rare occasion, unexpected participants may join a session. This can happen purposefully (when the URL location has been shared) or accidentally (when a user enters incorrect trailing digits). On these occasions, users may inadvertently end up in a meeting to which they were not invited or not intending to join.

Here are some techniques session hosts can use to address unwanted participants.

Pre-meeting Techniques

These techniques must be initiated prior to starting the Zoom session.

In-meeting Techniques

These techniques can be used to address unexpected participants while a session is in progress. Hovering your mouse over the person’s name in the Participants list provides access to these features.