Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA)

Product Name: 
Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA)

The UC MCCA agreement allows departments to purchase annual licenses for the most popular Microsoft desktop and server products as well as subscribe to Microsoft online services at substantially discounted prices. Enrolling in the MCCA makes sense if your department: has more computers than people, wants simplified compliance and administration, lab computer desktop products included at no additional cost, and consistent predictable expenses per year.  Student coverage for Office 365 is included with the MCCA.  Under the MCCA each department can choose its own custom mix of products. MCCA licenses are valid for one year (renewed annually) and include upgrade and downgrade rights (Software Assurance) on licensed products.

Ordering Information: 

Learn more about the MCCA.

Please check with your departmental license coordinator before you purchase any additional (single) Microsoft licenses via the Microsoft Select Plus program as your department may already be covered for those products under the MCCA.

License terms are available via CalUsource which stores contract information for the UC and CSU systems. UCLA persons with a shibboleth login may access CalUsource, using your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. If you receive an error message while trying to login to CalUsource, please contact and ask for Campus Viewer Access. Once logged in, please bookmark the site for easy future access.

Agreement Scope: 
UC-wide Agreement