SPSS Licenses Now Renewing

Software Central is currently renewing SPSS licenses that expire on 6/30/16. This renewal only applies to SPSS licenses that will expire on 6/30/16.  This renewal is NOT for any SPSS licenses purchased after 1/1/2016.  All licenses purchased after 1/1/2016 are good through 12/31/16.  

SPSS has changed its license term to a calendar year rather than a fiscal year so the annual license period going forward will be 1/1/xx to 12/31/xx.  In order to sync the renewal schedudle for all licenses,the renewal that is now in progress is, therefore, for SIX MONTH licenses only due to the change of the license term to align with the calendar year.  Sofware Central will do another full year renewal for all licenses for the 1/1/2017 to 12/31/17 license period sometime in October  2016 to align the license term for all SPSS licenses to the calendar year.

When ordering your renewals for licenses that will expire on 6/30/16, please use your UCLA log in at the Software Central Online Store and use the catalog 'SPSS RENEWAL ONLY' to place your renewal orders.

*** If departments find they need ADDITIONAL NEW licenses at this time, please place a separate order using product from THE ‘SPSS’ (not SPSS Renewal Only) CATALOG ***.  We have pro-rated new licenses early this year to match the renewal costs.