Adobe Acrobat ETLA Renewal for 2016-2017 Now in Progress

The yearly enrollment for the Adobe Acrobat ETLA (Enterprise Term License Agreement) began Tuesday, March 1, 2016 and will end March 22, 2016.

The Adobe Acrobat ETLA agreement terms and conditions include:

---Annual Adobe Acrobat licenses.
---Updates and upgrades available at no additional cost.
---Pricing based upon number of faculty and administrative staff FTE (according to a formula) instead of quantity of computers installed.
---Simplified compliance and administration – No need to track installations per computer.  Install on new computers mid-year at no additional cost.
---Lab computer installations included at no additional cost.
---Work at home rights for eligible faculty and staff to use on one additional computer for work-related purposes. Please have employees fill out the Adobe Work at Home form.

There is only one opportunity per year to join this agreement. If your department has not participated in the past and now wishes to join the Adobe Acrobat ETLA, or you have any questions on the renewal process, please contact Software Central at