Adobe Acrobat ETLA ROLLS BACK CHANGES for 17-18

Important! Adobe has changed the Acrobat Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) options YET AGAIN -- please read through this message for details.

As you may be aware the 17-18 Adobe Acrobat ETLA agreement was about to be subject to a large price increase. Our Adobe representative who was out on an extended Maternity leave (his wife had twins!) finally returned and realized what a mess this renewal had become entirely because of Adobe's lack of information as to how Higher Ed 'works'.  We are happy to say that he has convinced the powers that be at Adobe to EXTEND OUR CURRENT CONTRACT for one more year to give us an additional 12 months to work through the renewal terms and conditions).

UCLA’s existing Adobe Acrobat ETLA licenses expire June 8, 2017. This is also a change as we were formerly on a 5/17 to 5/16 timeframe.  If you opted not to join the Adobe Acrobat ETLA, due to the price increase you may want to rethink that choice as pricing is now closer to the 16/17 price.  Please contact Software Central by 5/22/17 to renew.