Zoom Licenses Now Available from Software Central

Zoom is UCLA's choice for video and web conferencing for University use. As of May 21, 2017 the OID-CCLE Zoom Pilot will end and Software Central will assume management of the Zoom Agreement for UCLA. All UCLA/Zoom Named User Pro Accounts obtained during the pilot will be eligible to renew on 5/21/17. Furthermore, all UCLA-affiliated faculty and staff, including those from the Medical Center, are eligible to obtain a UCLA/Zoom Named User Pro Account.

Zoom is licensed for University (not personal) use, and there are two methods of accessing and using Zoom

Through CCLE:
You can host Zoom meetings by adding the Zoom activity to a CCLE site. The CCLE will sponsor UCLA/Zoom Named User Pro Accounts in most undergraduate academic departments. If your department is a member of the CCLE you are eligible for a CCLE-sponsored account and your current UCLA/Zoom Named User Pro Account will renew automatically on 5/21/17. You do not have to take any action: your CCLE department affiliation associated with your UCLA Logon ID determines your eligibility. If you are in a CCLE department and are interested in acquiring a Zoom Named User UCLA Pro Account, please login into Zoom at https://ucla.zoom.us to create an account. Zoom Pro accounts sponsored by the CCLE are available for any university related use.

Outside CCLE
If your department is not participating in the CCLE or is not a campus academic department, your UCLA/Zoom Named User Pro Account must be renewed by your department through Software Central for a small fee. Software Central does not sell licenses to individual users; all Zoom licenses must be ordered through your department with a minimum of five named users. Software Central suggests that each department identify one unique Zoom Administrator to coordinate with Software Central regarding payment, account procurement and license distribution.

Add-Ons to Zoom Pro Accounts
Departments have the capability of adding increased functionality to Zoom Pro accounts by purchasing Zoom Add-Ons.  Add-Ons are available to Pro users only.  Please visit the Software Central Zoom site for descriptions of currently available Zoom Add-Ons.

If you and your department wish to purchase UCLA/Zoom Named User Pro Account licenses, please have your Department coordinator visit the UCLA Software Central Online Store.