UC MCCA Changing

The long-standing UC Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (UC MCCA) will expire 6/30/18.  Through this agreement the UC has enjoyed a set FTE metric and set pricing for at least the last five years.  However, due to product configuration changes, Microsoft created a replacement program that we expect to participate in beginning 7/1/18.  This replacement program is currently under negotiation between UCOP and Microsoft.

Some of the overall issues have been worked out but the final pricing detail is still unknown at this point.  This notice is to alert you to the fact that department's overall costs for participation in the program are likely to go up - substantially for some.  How much your department's costs will raise all depends on past and future orders.  We suggest departments budget for a 30% increase but are hoping that figure will be brought down to a more reasonable percentage increase.  As usual, when we have the details of the program, Software Central will be hosting information sessions for the campus.  We will announce those dates soon and encourage everyone to plan on attending or watching as we plan to broadcast via webinar.  Please direct any comments or questions to Software Central.