Personal TeX, Inc.
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PCTeX is a scientific typesetting system for books, mathematics, tables, technical material and general text that paginates, hyphenates, justifies and draws rules. This commercial windows product from Personal TeX, Inc. provides access to built-in Windows text editors, a help system, DVI screen previewer and printer drivers. For freeware or shareware versions of Tex, as well as utilities and technical resources see the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (be sure to read and comply with applicable license requirements).

The UCLA license agreement with Personal TeX, Inc. provides annual licenses and continued use requires annual renewal fee. Products include PC TeX, PC TeX/386, Big PC TeX programs (DOS) and PC TeX for Windows. The UCLA licensed package also includes LaTeX and AMSTeX. 

Follow this link for updates and patches.

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PCTeX licenses are available to UCLA Departments, staff, faculty, and students via the Software Central store.

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UCLA-only Agreement