SHI (Software House International)

SHI (Software House International) is UC's preferred reseller of licenses not directly available from campus volume software licensing offices like UCLA Software Central. Please be sure to check with SHI before ordering software from any other off campus vendor as they have exclusive pre-negotiated UC prices for various software titles. Items that are included in this special pricing are: Adobe, McAfee, Microsoft and Symantec. Software from other suppliers carried by SHI is also available at favorable prices.

UCLA Representatives may be contacted at or 800-535-5210. You can access the features of UCLA's SHI site by setting up your own ID and password. Just follow the directions on this page. You can purchase online, view real-time special pricing and quotes and access UC's dedicated account team.

If you find you need to escalate a matter at SHI, please use the information here.

Contract Terms are available at UCOP. Contact your department purchasing personnel for login information. Search on SHI, click on Contract No., click on View Details.