UCLA Allowable Data Use - SurveyMonkey

UCLA faculty and staff use of the cloud computing services available via the UCLA-wide SurveyMonkey Enterprise agreement must comply with applicable University policies, notably policies relating to the protection of University data and the UC Electronic Communications Policy. This includes the data use requirements in the table below, which are based on the UCLA Data Classification Standard and University-negotiated agreements established to help safeguard information about individuals and other confidential information for which the campus is a steward.

Always employ due care when processing, transmitting, or storing sensitive information. Violation of these data use policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Contact IT Services Client Support at clientsupport@it.ucla.edu if the data you have is listed in the middle (yellow) column below, if you have data that does not appear in the table, or if you have any other data use questions.

Table 1. Data use requirements for SurveyMonkey Enterprise


Contact Client Support


  • Any information already publicly available
  • Student records not related to health
  • Personnel records
  • Data relating to human subjects or animal research
  • Export controlled data1
  • Use of 3rd-party apps2
  • Sensitive information not about individuals
  • Logon credentials (account and password)
  • Individuals’ health information3
  • Social Security numbers
  • Drivers license and CA identification numbers
  • Credit card data

1 For more information regarding export control regulation at UCLA, see: http://ora.research.ucla.edu/RPC/Pages/nsreg.aspx
2 The UCLA SurveyMonkey agreement does not cover third party applications or software that may be designed to run on or otherwise interface with SurveyMonkey.
3 A Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is required in order to permit storage of protected health information (PHI).

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