Software Central New Agreement Guidelines

Software Central pursues new agreements when the collective participation of multiple campus departments can achieve additional value or benefit to the campus.

The types of campus-wide software license agreements negotiated, acquired, implemented, distributed, managed and supported by Software Central range from one-time volume purchases to ongoing multi-year site license agreements.  For a complete list of the software license agreements available to UCLA departments, please visit our product list.

Software Central Cost Recovery

Software Central has been approved by the UCLA Policy Committee on Sales and Services Activities and Service Enterprises to serve the UCLA campus as a self-supporting recharge unit.  Per UCLA Policy 340 , as a self-supporting recharge unit, Software Central is required to operate under the principle of full cost recovery and recover both direct and indirect costs. Software Central’s indirect costs to negotiate, acquire, implement, distribute, manage and support UCLA’s campus-wide software agreements for the fis

Software Central Description

Since its inception in 1993, Software Central has helped UCLA to maximize resources and efficiency by consolidating and coordinating the purchase of software commonly used in support of UCLA’s teaching, research and public service missions.  While the most tangible result of these efforts are the financial savings generated, our efforts also achieve less tangle results such as mitigating future risk by ensuring that agreements include terms and conditions favorable to the campus, and ensuring ongoing vendor compliance in fulfillment of their responsibilities under agreements.