Update on Adobe Acrobat Agreement

Adobe has dropped traditional serialized number licenses in favor of a new “named-user” model for all its products. This change will affect all Software Central orders for Adobe Acrobat.

Together with IT Services, we are in the process of developing and implementing Adobe’s Named Users licensing model for UCLA’s almost 12,000 Adobe Acrobat licensees.

FAQ: Adobe Acrobat Named User Licensing

Here are some common questions and answers about the 2018-19 change to Adobe Acrobat Named User licensing model.

What is Named User Licensing?

"Named User" (aka, "Subscripton-based") licensing is a method of authenticating valid software licenses. For Acrobat DC, Adobe is transitioning away from using serial numbers to using individual, Named User licenses. This means that for every authenticated user of Acrobat DC, the process requires each user's Official UCLA First Name, Last Name and  Email Address in order to authenticate their license.

Adobe Creative Cloud Promotional Pricing

For a limited time (through August 2015) Adobe is offering an extra discount on new Creative Cloud licenses.  Plus, UC has recently been granted Level 4 pricing from Adobe.  It all adds up to significant savings, especially if you can purchase before August 31, 2015.  Please contact SHI for exact pricing and visit our Adobe Creative Cloud page for information on how to get a VIP number (if your department does not already have one)

Adobe Systems, Inc.

UCLA departments can purchase single licenses of available Adobe Software products through UC's preferred reseller, SHI. For licenses not available singly, visit our Adobe Creative Suite page for informaiton on how to establish a VIP number for your department so you can order those licenses from SHI.

Duke University's Adobe Alternatives

Duke University has built a page for Adobe alternatives in an effort to identify a list of recommended alternatives.  In most cases, one does not need the full functionality of an Adobe creative product, so semi-alternatives are listed as well. For example, Preview on Mac and Word 2013 on Windows are sufficient for many people that would have bought Acrobat in the past. Both free and paid options are listed.

SHI (Software House International)

SHI (Software House International) is UC's preferred reseller of licenses not directly available from campus volume software licensing offices like UCLA Software Central. Please be sure to check with SHI before ordering software from any other off campus vendor as they have exclusive pre-negotiated UC prices for various software titles. Items that are included in this special pricing are: Adobe, McAfee, Microsoft and Symantec. Software from other suppliers carried by SHI is also available at favorable prices.

Adobe Acrobat Volume License Agreement

The Adobe Acrobat Volume License Agreement provides annual Acrobat licenses for departments covering their Named Users and Lab Machines.  Named Users must be UCLA Faculty or Staff and Lab machines is a term used for device licenses where multiple people share a machine, such as a lab or a shared worker desktop.

All Acrobat licenses via this program include: