Windows 10 Edition Differences

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition only supports upgrades from PCs running Pro or Enterprise Editions.  Windows 10 Education Edition will currently only support upgrades from Home Editions and is scheduled to be able to upgrade from Pro, and Enterprise editions after the November 2015 update.  The Compare Editions chart shows this (select 'Download Table').

In the new Product Terms (FKA Product Use Rights) for Windows 10, Home Edition is not qualified to upgrade to Enterprise Edition but it is qualified to upgrade to Education Edition.  This means that for new computers, if you intend to image them with Enterprise Edition, you need to purchase the computers with a Pro Edition license on them rather than a Home Edition license.

Education Edition does not support Long Term Service Branch (LTSB).  LTSB should only be used on embedded devices and machines such as ATMs, medical devices, and military devices.  LTSB is on a 3 year cycle meaning that aside from security fixes, the OS will not receive any other updates or enhancements.  In the new Windows as a Service model, enhancements to the OS will be released regularly to improve the user experience, productivity, and to take advantage of new technologies.  With Current Branch and Current Branch for Business within both Education and Enterprise Editions, you have the ability to delay when updates and enhancements are rolled out in order to test them and update support processes.