Software Central Store

You must have a UCLA Logon to continue to the Software Central Store.  if you are unsure what your official UCLA Login ID is, please visit this site and choose 'Look Up UCLA Login ID'.  Fill in the required information (name, birthdate, UCLA ID#) and the site will show you your official UCLA Login ID.

**YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN UCLA LOGIN TO ACCESS THE SOFTWARE CENTRAL STORE and you must USE THE CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS (the one associated with your UCLA Login ID) when placing an order**  if yoyu have multiple email addresses and are unsure which is tied to your UCLA Login ID, please see the link in the paragraph above to the I AM UCLA site. 

Using anyone else's login ID and password, even with their permission, is a violation of University Policy.

Additionally your computer must have a UCLA IP address or be configured to connect to campus via the VPN if connecting from off campus.  Please contact BOL for help with the VPN if necessary at 310-267-4357. All about the VPN