How to Use the Software Central Store

Software Central has a new online ordering system. Please follow the steps below to order software licenses for your Department.

  1. Navigate to the Software Central Store (you will be redirected to a UCLA Logon page). The Software Central Store is a secure site that can only be accessed by UCLA affiliated individuals that have a UCLA Logon.
  2. Sign In to Software Central Store using your UCLA Logon ID and Password. NOTE: a UCLA Logon is typically not the same as any departmental logon you may have. See above if you have questions regarding your UCLA Logon.
  3. A list of software providers will be displayed on Software Catalog page. These are providers that Software Central has agreements with for the UCLA campus
  4. Click on the name of the provider/manufacturer to get the list of product licenses offered through Software Central.
  5. Select the product you would like to license. Information regarding the license cost, term, eligibility etc. will be displayed.
  6. Click "Add to Cart" to begin the order process.
    • Carts are not saved. Browsers left idle for more than 23 minutes will "time out" and the cart will be deleted. If your browser times out, and the cart is deleted you will need to begin the order process again.
    • If you would like to purchase more than one product license, click "Continue shopping" button to go back to Software Catalog page then repeat step 4 to 6 again.
    • If you need to change the quantity of the licenses to purchase, enter the number of license(s) in the box then click "Update My Cart" button.
  7. Click "Input contact info" button when you have all product license(s) you wish to order in the cart. This will take you to Contact Information page. Please enter all contact information. Note that all licenses on one order will have the same contacts. Should you need to have different contacts for a particular license, please purchase that license on a separate order.
  8. Software Central requires at least three unique individuals to be listed as Primary Contact, Secondary Contact and Administrator on each order. No one person can be listed twice on any order.
    • The name, email address and phone number of the person who places the order will automatically be entered as Contact #2. If desired, to change that information simply highlight and type over the Contact #2 information.
    • The Primary Contact should be the person who will be using the software. NOTE: this person will have an active role in the order process in that they must logon to the system to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the agreement prior to completion of the order.
    • The Administrator is the person in the department who has the authority to spend the funds from the FAU listed in the order. NOTE: This person will have an active role in the order process as that they must logon to the system to enter the FAU to be charged prior to the completion of the order.
    • Click "Add a contact" button to list additional contacts. Orders may have multiple contacts but please be aware that all contacts will receive any information sent out regarding the license (renewal notices, upgrade notices, special notices, etc.). The only way to NOT receive notices about the licenses associated with the order is to NOT be listed on the order.
  9. Click the pull-down menu to select Department Name. Optionally, you may enter a sub-department name in the box for Sub-department Name. Sub-department is not a required field, but merely provided as a convenience.
  10. Click "Proceed to review order" button to continue to Order Summary page.
  11. Review the order for accuracy. If all information on Order Summary page is correct, click "PLACE ORDER" button. NOTE: No changes can be made by Order Initiator after the "PLACE ORDER" button has been selected. If changes need to be made, contact Software Central directly. NOTE: there is a two week time limit from the time the ‘PLACE ORDER’ button is clicked to when Software Central must receive all information (see items 12 and 13 below). If that information is not received within the two week window, the order will be deleted from the Software Central system.
  12. If the person placing the order is also listed as Primary Contact, that person must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions then check the box to certify that the use of the license(s) is in compliance with UCLA’s Terms and Conditions of the agreement. Click "Agree and update the order" button to continue with the order process.
    • If the person placing the order is not listed as Primary Contact, an email will be sent to Primary Contact who must follow a link to logon to the system to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the license(s) being ordered. This action will be required before continuing with the order process.
  13. An email with a link to FAU Information page will be sent to the person listed as the Administrator. The administrator must log into the system and enter the FAU (UCLA Full Accounting Unit) to be charged. Administrator will click "Confirm and update the order" button to complete the order.
  14. Software Central will be notified of the order via email. If there are any questions regarding the order, Software Central will contact Order Initiator directly.
  15. After Software Central process the order, all Contacts, and the Administrator, will receive emails with the receipt and any download instructions, codes (if necessary) and installation instructions.