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Maple from Maplesoft is an interactive system that provides a complete mathematical environment for both symbolic algebraic expressions and arbitrary-precision numeric arithmetic. Maple is a useful tool for educators, scientists, engineers, researchers and students. Applicable to the physical sciences, business management, economics and finance. Includes a library of more than 5,000 functions common to many scientific and engineering applications. Facilities include arithmetic with integers, fractions, unknown variables, polynomials and general expressions, solving equations, factoring, taking derivative and series expansions of functions, indefinite and definite integration, solving differing equations and recurrence equations matrix operations, and plotting. Current licensees may obtain incremental updates and patches directly from Maplesoft.

Maplesoft has recently introduced new complimentary course content in the Teacher Resource Center, designed for educators who teach mathematics. Starting with the fundamental topics from Precalculus, this growing collection of materials includes lecture notes, demonstrations and assignment questions.

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Perpetual licenses with annual maintenance for UCLA owned or leased computers, or staff and faculty personal computers used for UCLA instruction or research may be ordered from the Software Central Store. Students may obtain the software directly from Maplesoft.

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UC-wide Agreement