How to Purchase SurveyMonkey Licenses at UCLA

A UCLA agreement has been established to enable UCLA departments to purchase SurveyMonkey Enterprise accounts via Software Central.To ensure that use of SurveyMonkey accounts for UCLA business is covered under the UCLA agreement, and is in compliance with UC policy and the law, please follow the instructions below.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact

1. Understand Appropriate Use

Review the following documents to understand the applicable terms and conditions, and allowable data use for SurveyMonkey:

2. Establish a SuveyMonkey Enterprise Account Under the UCLA Agreement

2.1 Go to the Softrware Central Online Store and submit an order for the desired quantity of accounts. In the notes section of the order, include the email address to be associated with each account. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRANSFER* AN EXISTING ACCOUNT TO BE UNDER THE UCLA AGREEMENT, then please provide the email address associated with that existing account.

*Transfer of existing accounts may only occur at the end of the annual term of the existing account. Please submit your order no less than 60 day prior to the end of the annual term.

2.2 Within 3 business days an email with the subject line "Invitation to Join UCLA Software Central on SurveyMonkey" will be sent via SurveyMonkey to the emai laddress provided for the account.

If this email is not received within 3 business days, please check that email account's junk folder has been checked, then contact Software Central so we may have the invitation resent.

2.3 Open the email, then click the 'Accept Your Invitation' button within the email to proceed.

2.4 IF YOU ARE ESTABLISHING A NEW ACCOUNT, then follow the directions on the resulting webpage.

IF YOU ARE TRANSFERRING AN EXISTING ACCOUNT, then click on the “Already have an account?” link near the top of the page and follow the subsequent directions.

2.5 An email with the subject "Welcome to your SurveyMonkey Enterprise Account". will be sent to the email address associated with the account confirming that your account is now active.

This welcome email contains useful links to the Enterprise User Guide, Templates and Help Center.

Please contact Software Central if you encounter any problems with this process.

3. Ordering Additional Licenses for SurveyMonkey Enterprise Accounts

Additional licenses for new SurveyMonkey Accounts may be ordered at any time by placing an order via the Software Central Online Store.

All accounts will have the same annual term ending 10/31.

Pricing for accounts purchased mid-term will be pro-rated on a monthly basis.

4. Renewal of SurveyMonkey Enterprise Accounts

All will automatically renew on the same annual cycle (11/1-10/31).

Software Central will send a reminder email to all participating departments prior to the renewal date.

If you do not wish to renew an account, a department must respond to the renewal email to cancel prior tot he stated deadline.

5. Transfer of SurveyMonkey Enterprise Accounts

Existing SurveyMonkey Enterprise accounts may be transferred to another user mid-term. Please contact Software Central for details.

Departments can also cancel existing accounts and create new accounts for the remainder of the agreement term. Contact Software Central for details.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact